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We strive for excellence in our rats.
Located in Dallas Ga.

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Big Peach Rattery was established in 2016...We are a small home based pet rat breeder out of Dallas Ga.We strive for excellence in temperament and in appearance.Our goal is to breed quality pet rats that will live a long healthy life.We try to breed as closely to AFRMA standards as we can and strive to produce show and pet quality rats.We carefully select each pairing to achieve a specific goal.Currently we breed...

Color :Agouti,Black,BEW(Black eyed white),PEW (Pink eyed white) Marten,marble/tabby,Red eyed Seal Point Siamese,Black eyed seal point Siamese,Fawn,beige,American blue,Cinnamon,Mink,Burmese,Silvermane (D'Argent)

Coat: Drex,Recessive hairless,Velventeen,Rex,standard,

Pattern: Self,Capped,Hooded,Variegated,Irish,berkshire,Down Under

Ears-Dumbo and Standard


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Message us on facebook,email or text us to arrange pick up

contact us anytime...we try our best to be as responsive as possible...make sure to submit a application.
we are most responsive between the hours of  2 pm and 10 pm
if we do not respond immediately please be patient as we will respond as soon as we are available to do so.


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